Civil Law

The Civil Law department assists in legal issues at the highest level extrajudicial or in the litigation procedures.

At GRS Lawyers · Tax Advisorswe are concern that the Civil Law is deeply rooted to our diary lives due to its transversal effects in the personal relations. That is why we count whith an specialised team in this discipline.

Our specialties comprehend:

  • Separations, divorces, nullities, matrimonial capitulations, affiliation, paternity
  • Successions, inheritances, and legacies
  • Incapacities
  • Debts claiming
  • Insurances
  • Real Estate rights
  • Urban and rustic rentals
  • Building law
  • Horizontal properties and land management
  • Validity, interpreation, and ejecution of the contracts
  • Civil liability
  • Honour, intimacy, and own image rights
  • Contract breaching
  • Damages claiming
  • Evictions
  • Traffic accidents
  • Aerial and transport compensations

At GRS Lawyers · Tax Advisors we manage lands and administrate neighbourhood communities.

We use all the tools to guarantee a fluid communication between your community and our Firm. Our services include a wide range of matters, also in collaboration with architects, economy or energy efficiency experts, and any other necessary to obtain highest profitability at lowest cost.

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